Wednesday, 4 August 2010

An interview with Buffy Sainte-Marie by Filmmaker Michael Corbiere - 2010

An interview with Buffy Sainte-Marie.
A tradition in Native American culture is to pass down crucial teachings to the next generation.Filmmaker Michael Corbiere aims to continue this tradition.

Braincloud Films is a full scale film and television production company and was established in 1999 by Michael Corbiere.


athomasdavis said...

Excellent interview, I know exactly what Buffy was saying about music lessons, I can play the guitar but can't read music, I used to try and pretend I could when I had music lessons at school, because the notes just didn't make any sense to me, and the teacher made you feel like you were stupid if you couldn't do it, so I used to try and pretend I could!
I think it would be wonderful if Buffy set up that website to help young muscians, she might also be interested to know about the work IMA (Institute Musical Arts) is doing with young female musicians, run By June Millington who used to be in the band Fanny, they work with other established performers in the business to help work with the youngsters, and Buffy may be interested to link in in some way or just have a look at what they are doing.

Angie T said...

ps their full name is Institute for Musical Arts!

warshal said...

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Jenny said...

Wow, this woman is unbelievable! She has a gift for so many types of communication.
I adored "Illuminations" then and still do. Nothing pierces the heart like her romantic songs, ("Guess who I saw in Paris"), and nothing has helped me relate to the plight of aboriginal peoples like her songs.
She puts everything into her creativity.

Norn Cutson said...

my favorite part:
"Every culture has Music. People don't even know what Music is. We don't know why all cultures sing to their babies. We don't know why birds sing. It has something to do with a very deep kind of communication. Music doesn't have to involve words, but it may. We really don't know the Power of Music. I think it taps into telepathic things that we don't use very much. We DO with people we love, like when we look into our babies' eyes, or with animals. So Music, Communication, Speech are all involved in very deep ways inside our brains, our hearts & our intentions... so who knows where it'll go?"

Rockmann said...

Very interesting interview,I have listened to Buffy's music since the 60's and recognized her unique style, which she explains so well in this interview. I'm not a musician but I love music and listening to how the artists work with lyric and arrangements and instruments to create feelings and emotions and rhythms that touch our minds and souls. I could not imagine living without music and the pleasure and richness music brings to life.