Monday, 31 January 2011

Article-Interview Native People magazine

The songs on Running for the Drum include "No No Keshages " a fiery protest dance song set to a driving powwow beat : "America the Beautiful" a striking new arrangement of the familiar song that includes a nod to the country's Native peoples; "To the End of the World"an old fashioned R&B love song; " Cho Cho Fire," a dance/rock song that uses a sample from the Black Lodge Singers; and "When I Had You" a torch song drenched with smoky,late night piano bar melancholy " The music is my usual whiplash collection of manty styles-pop,protest,country,rock,dance-remix,rockabilly and big love songs,"
Buffy Sainte-Marie native


Ian S Dixon said...

Buffy is always inspirational and always thought provoking. Running For The Drum is another outstanding album, especially the aforementioned songs No No Keshagesh and Cho Cho Fire. They are also awesome songs performed live by Buffy and her band, who it was my great pleasure to see at the Cornbury Music Festival in England earlier this month.

Lily12Petals said...

I love this CD collection so much. There is such a variety but all soooooo good. Thank you Buffy Sainte-Marie.