Saturday, 22 January 2011

Sesame Street

One of the big stories in entertainment news today involves an episode of Sesame Street where current popular singing sensation Katy Perry sings and dances with the far more popular furry red squealer muppet known as Elmo. Apparently, the dress Perry wore for the number was considered inappropriate, showing too much cleavage and, well, jiggle-age for the toddlers to bear. However, having looked at the Katy Perry/Elmo footage, which was available for a little while on YouTube, it was fairly obvious that Miss Piggy has gotten away with more revealing outfits than Ms. Perry’s, not to mention that her boobs are bigger.

Now we all know that the 70s were sometimes a more risque time when it comes to sexuality on television, yes even US television, and I wondered what kinds of controversy Sesame Street managed to get itself into back in an even more open era. After all it was controversial from the start – Mississippi tried to ban it because “Mississippi was not yet ready” for the multi-racial cast, there were complaints that there weren’t enough Hispanics on the show, then too many Hispanics, that the women were subservient and weak, then people complained there were too many strong single women on the show. It would seem whatever they try to do Sesame Street can’t win, and yet it always does. Katy Perry’s clip has been pulled from the show before it was even aired, and the clip they themselves posted has been taken down.

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Anonymous said...

The contrast between this and the Katy Perry clip is so illustrative of so many things that are wrong in our current society. I lived through the '70s and I know that it was no picnic, but the sense of hope and openness and the hope of return to a more enlightened state of living - that, I miss, a lot.

Andrew said...

What some would have us see and hear will learn that there are no secrets and there is nothing censorship can cover. The Truth is constant in all things.