Monday, 30 May 2011

Buffy Sainte-Marie still fiery at 68 on new CD 'Running for the Drum'

In a recent interview, Buffy Sainte-Marie discussed newly released documents showing the federal government thwarted album shipments and encouraged radio stations not to play her music in the 1960s. Given that her messages then — anti-war, pro-rights for indigenous peoples — are still relevant, I figured her new CD, “Running for the Drum” (3 stars out of 4, Appleseed Records), might be worth seeking out. It is.

At 68, she’s as fiery as ever. The CD starts with three thumping dance tracks, followed by four slow numbers that ruin the momentum before blossoming into perfection on the back half. “I Bet My Heart on You” is fun piano-based rock ’n’ roll. The rockabilly Elvis tribute “Blue Sunday” needs to be covered by Chris Isaak. “Easy Like Snow Falling Down” is a sappy love ballad that works. She enhances “America, the Beautiful” with new lyrics adding an Indian perspective. It ends with a not-sappy love song, “Still This Love Goes On,” that just might be my favorite track in her deep catalog.

Also included is a DVD containing a good hour-long career retrospective. Featured are interview clips with Robbie Robertson, Bill Cosby and Joni Mitchell, whose career got its launch thanks to championing by Sainte-Marie.

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