Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Up Where We Belong

Special Thanks to Adamfulgence for the video on Youtube

From the album by the same name (2010), is one of the many classics that Buffy Sainte-Marie has given the world.
She has enjoyed a long career that has seen her rise to stardom on the folk circuit and try her hand at country, rock, soundtrack themes, acting, activism and children's television.
She was among the earliest, if not the first celebrity to challenge the idea that,"American history really began when Columbus set sail out of Europe".
She once said, "Here, the melting pot stands open - if you're willing to get bleached first".
Because of her political activism, she was blacklisted by the U.S. government in the 60s and 70s. So, for about 15 years, she focused on other issues - the most important of which was her "Cradleboard Project", an educational curriculum dedicated to preserving the culture of Native Americans for Indians and non-indians.
Sainte-Marie is a big proponent of music on the Internet. "People think we aren't making any money on the Internet but we weren't making any money when record companies were controlling everbody else".
She is a tireless political activist, continuing to represent the rights of indigenous peoples worldwide.
I share her belief that "language and culture cannot be separated. Language is vital to understanding our unique cultural perspectives. Language is a tool that is used to explore and experience our cultures and the perspectives that are embedded in them ".

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