Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Dance Me Around : Video - Lyrics

Dance Me Around from Album "Up Where We Belong"

The chord progression for Pachabel's Canon has inspired a lot of songwriters. Me too. The lyrics are about having missed the chance to love somebody because your lives used to be so far apart... but what about now? The title sets the song at a powwow.

And when I think about all I missed
All those kisses that you gave to someone else
I wish I'd been around
But I was up there in the air
while you were over here
with both feet on the ground

Who'd've ever thought it
that it shoulda been you and me
Got to find a way to show it
This effect you have on me

When I think about what I missed
I wish I coulda been your girl

And when I think about all I've lost
I could never count the cost
Cause of what we've got for free
And now it's later,
maybe better late than never
I don't know
But here you are with me

Dance Me Around again
Hold me like it's never gonna end
Finally I've found
somebody who's always been a friend

When I think about what I missed
I wish I coulda been your girl.


Krzysztof said...

Słuchanie tej piosenki to dla mnie wielka przyjemność.

Anonymous said...

that reminds me and of my love who just reunited after 20 years...ty

Anonymous said...

Buffy is a magnificent lyricist, one of the best songwriters.