Friday, 12 August 2011

Generation : Video-Lyrics

Generation from Album "Buffy"

Kids were sent from heaven inside to lead you to the future
Wrap their eyes in blindfolds and still they'll find their way
Blind their lives with pills and lies and still they find their vision
And soon they'll leave you to your yesterday

And they'll sing Goodbye stars of Hitler
And Goodbye bankers' trust
Aquarius is shining and the sun is one of us
And me I don't wanna go to the moon
I'm gonna leave that moon alone
I just want to dance with the Rosebud Sioux this summer
Yes, yes, yes

The media is saturated but the sweetgrass still grows tall
And Jesse John Blackbear talks to God in Cleveland, O-hi-yo
And Washington is choking but the Navajos are not
And the Senecas just arrived in Arizona.

I talked to seven congressmen, their ears were filled with gold
That their grandfathers had stolen out of the Black Hills
But it really doesn't matter 'cause their children hear me well
And they will dream the dream my Mother sends to them.


Anne Russell said...

Hey Buffy ! you've never let me or yourself or your people down ......!!! congratulations

Frederik said...

Gee, that's an old one! I didn't even remember that I had this one somewhere. Thanks for the reminder. Hey, you wrote so many great songs, excuse me for not remembering all of them... ;)