Sunday, 7 August 2011

Soldier Blue Video - Lyrics

I wrote this song as the title theme for the movie Soldier Blue and it became a hit in Europe, Japan and Canada during the summer of 1971. But the movie disappeared from U.S. theatres real fast, so few Americans are familiar with it. As there's a difference between love and rape, the same differences exist in how one views their country. "Soldier Blue" is not about loving one's "nation state"; it's about loving the natural environment in which all nations are related as children of the Sacred. Chris Birkett plays guitar.

Soldier Blue Lyrics

I look out and I see a land
Young and lovely hard and strong
For 50,000 years we've danced her praises
Prayed our thanks and we've just begun
Yes, yes

This this is my country
Young and growing
free and flowing sea to sea
Yes this is my country
Ripe and bearing miracles
in every pond and tree

Her spirit walks the high country
giving free wild samples
and setting an example how to give
Yes this is my countrry
Retching and turning
She's like a baby learning how to live.

I can stand upon a hill at dawn
look all around me
Feel her surround me
Soldier Blue
Can't you see her life has just begun
It's beating inside us
Telling us she's here to guide us.

Soldier Blue, Soldier Blue
Can't you see that there's another way to love her

Yes this is my country
I sprang from her and I'm
learning how to count upon her
Tall trees and the corn is high country
Yes I love her and I'm
learning how to take care of her

When the news stories get me down
I take a drink of freedom to think of
North America from toe to crown
It's never long before
I know just why I belong here

Soldier Blue, Soldier Blue
Can't you see that there's another way to love her.


CPhilD said...

Merci, belle chanson !

Anonymous said...

I remember the movie and the song. I was 16 years old and just learning about the atrocities of Native American history. It made me sad and mad.

Clay Cross said...

Except that everything is dying now.

ted hazelton said...

What a year 1971 was! I suffered terribly in Japan from American injustice. All I was doing was exercising my First Amendment freedoms. I'll never forget. I belong to an Algonquian tribe, but I was born in Japan at Tachikawa as an Air Force brat. My father spent 30 years of his life in service to American. I think he deserved better, and so did his firstborn son.

Charmian said...

So good to hear this again - we saw the film when it first came out in Engkand and the facts that came out from it shocked us terribly - the injustice to Native Americans that was perpetrated by the white man ! Ha pave admired you ever since then for your beautiful voice !