Tuesday, 30 August 2011

When I Had You : Video-Lyrics

"When I Had You" from Album "Running for the Drum"

When I had you
I was cool
Everything just turn to gold
Oo I couldn't lose

You watched over me
Like a light
Everybody see me shine
Oo ooo
When I had you

Once I could fly
Like a fool
Long as you were by my side
Oo I couldn't fall

Right from the start
You had me covered
That's the part that I forgot
Thought I did it all
When I had you

Blind to your magic
Never caught your show
I had magic of my own
Wouldn't be outshown

Now I'm alone
In the night
Everything just calls your name
Nothing is the same
I want you back
I'm on my knees now
Praying for a dream come true
Like the one we had
When I had you


Thomas Richter said...

This is such a wonderful song - goes deep into my heart, like the "classics" "Until it's time for you to go", or "Take my hand for a while", or "Goodnight". Thank you Buffy for this wonderful music of you.

Mal Johnson said...

"By the skin of my teeth" Thats how close I came to missing your concert 04-03-12 in Chilliwack. I have Loved and Admired you ever since the early 60's and never was in an area that you performed at. I was told of your appearance via a Friend, at the last moment on FB and there were only 9 tickets left when I got mine. My escort and I could only sit in amazement at the strength and power of your voice and the energy you performed with. Truly a memory I will have forever or until I get to see another live performance. From the bottom of my heart, I Thank You Dear Sweet Lady. Mal Johnson.