Monday, 19 September 2011

House Carpenter: Video-Lyrics

"House Carpenter" From Album "Little Wheel Spin and Spin"

"Well met, well met," said an old true love
"Well met, well met," said he
"I have just returned from the salt, salt sea
And it's all for the love of thee"

Come in, come in, my own true love
And have a seat with me
For It's been three-fourths of a long long year
Since together we have been

"I'll not come in! And i'll not sit down!"
"I haven't but a moment's time"
"But i hear you're married to a house carpenter"
"And you're love will never be mine"
"And i could have married a king's daughter there!"
"So free, she was with me"
"But i forshook all the crowns and gold"
"And it's all for the love of thee..."

Well, if you could have married
I'm sure you are to blame
And i have married with a house carpenter
"And i'm sure he's a fine young man"

"Well will you forsake your house carpenter "
"And come away with me"
"I'll take you down where the grass grows green"
"Down down by the sweet country"

Then she picked up a darlin' little babe
And kisses, she gave it three
Saying, "Stay right here, my own little dear,
And keep your father company"

Now they hadn't been on ship
But a boat two weeks
I'm sure it was not free
When she espied his clothin foot
And began to weep most bitterly

"Are you weepin for your house, your land
Or are you weepin for your store
Or are you weepin' for your house carpenter
Whose face you'll never see anymore?"

I am not weepin for my house and land
And i am not weepin for my store
And this time i'm weepin for my soul, soul dear
For whose purity i'll never see no more

Now they hadn't been on ship but about three weeks
I'm sure it was not more
When he stomped his foot
And down she sank
And sank to rise no more

"Well met, well met, my old true love"
"Well met, well met," cried he
"And i've just returned to the salt salt sea"
"And it's all for the love of thee"

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Anonymous said...

Well well, guess her regrets were too much for her. Gerri C