Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Men of the Fields: Video-Lyrics

Men of the Fields (Buffy Sainte-Marie, Patrick Sky, 2nd guitar)
Little Wheel Spin And Spin

Men of the fields, men of the valleys
Men of the seasons and the soil
Strong hearts in hands, molding the lands
All over earth they coil
Down in the field 9 in the morning
Days work three hours done
Care for the corn, Care for the cows
Care for the land we need
God moves the sun
noon brings the weary man
Home to his table and his grace
Bow on our knees, thank for that these
Days are very old
Life means our work
Home means our children
Love means each other everyday
Strong hears in hand
Molding the lands
All over the earth they coil

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Anonymous said...

It's "toil"