Sunday, 27 November 2011

Just That Kind Of Man: Video-Lyrics by Buffy Sainte-Marie

"Just That Kind Of Man" From Album "Quiet Places" written by Buffy Sainte-Marie.

"Quiet Places" was Buffy Sainte-Marie's ninth album recorded and released in 1973. it was to be her last for Vanguard Records, with whom she had a very strained relationship ever since the financial disaster of the experimental "Illuminations". In fact, her next album, "Buffy", had already been recorded before "Quiet Places" was actually released and was not to find a label for many months after she had completely broken with Vanguard.

"Quiet Places" was recorded in Nashville with Norbert Putnam co-producing and such session stalwarts as the Memphis Horns and keyboardist David Briggs backing her voice and guitar. Sainte-Marie's dislike of the promotion for "Mister Can't You See" from her previous album caused Vanguard not to release any singles from the album.

All your plannin' and your
fancy talkin' and your
sweet head holdin' and your
foxy stalkin' and your
heavy countin' on the way
way I'm feelin' and your courtin'
and your kissin' and your lies
and I can see you're gutted down,
you're gutted wide!
And I could no more resist that I can fly!
Because you're just that kind of man!

I could play it like you're
just another and the
way you do me doesn't
make me crazy baby!
I could lie and say you're
not the best
but then I'd blow it
and you'd know it
in the end
and I could never consider you a friend
oh baby, you're a lover
and no other word can do
because you're just that kind of man!

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Anonymous said...

Really descriptive! Lol. Really good to descrive certain kind of "men"