Tuesday, 24 January 2012

BROKE-DOWN GIRL: Video-Lyrics by Buffy Sainte-Marie

"BROKE-DOWN GIRL" From Album "Many A Mile"

Broke-down girl, ragged heart
She's seen the sweet and the sad.
Fire in love, Liar in love
Mommy's little girl gone bad.

Broke down baby, Hanzelless Gretel,
heart made of calico stone.
Pinocchio rose in princesses' clothes
lonely but never lone.

The silver hearts of heroes,
how heavy they are.
How they were weighing her down.
Oh prince Charming, you never came.

Her castles fell around her,
the mortal men they found her,
found her, found her,
as you see her here.

A broke-down baby, sad Cinderella,
a Disney delusion, a doll.
A soulless solace for a sailor shore,
a broke-down girl, that's all.

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