Monday, 5 March 2012

Buffy Sainte Marie speaks to the Wild Salmon Warriors (Video)

Wild salmon are perhaps the single most amazing force of nature to those that know them. Swimming thousands of miles in their lifetime, salmon leave a glowing trail of life in their wake as they harness the power of the wide open ocean and nourish the people and ecosystems on land, river and sea. It is an honour to stand with wild salmon people as they know no disconnect from this cycle. They embrace it. They stand for it. Their love for wild salmon is a love for life.

Two young first nations girls, Kalilah Rampenan and Ta'kaiya Blaney sang songs and spoke about our salmon and then smashed clay salmon to the ground to symbolize what is happening to the Fraser Sockeye from spread of disease. Although they are only ten years old they realize the importance of the land and salmon that came here along side their people.


Buffy, performs in Chilliwack and says something to the Wild Salmon People

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Anonymous said...

I am so happy that Buffy is on the same page as her people. She has always been a great influence for many many years.
Melanie Smoke- Gitxsan n Nuu Chah Nulth