Sunday, 10 March 2013

Tour Dates 2013

Thu, Oct. 10, 2013
Phoenix, AZ
Heard Museum

Sat, Oct. 5, 2013
Sainte John, NB
Imperial Theatre

Fri, Oct. 4, 2013
Fredericton, NB
The Playhouse

Wed, Oct. 2, 2013
London, ON
Aeolian Hall

Fri, Jul. 12, 2013
Samualsberg, Norway
Riddu Riddu Festival
Tue, Jul. 9, 2013
Helsinki, Finland
Sun, Jul. 7, 2013
Skagen, Denmark
Skagen Festival

Sun, Jun. 16, 2013
Cronton-on-Hudson, NY
Clearwater Festival

Sat, Jun. 15, 2013
Northampton, MA
Iron Horse Music Hall

Fri, Jun. 14, 2013
Ogunquit, ME
Jonathan's Ogunquit

Thu, Jun. 13, 2013
Norfolk, CT
Infinity Hall

Tue, Jun. 11, 2013
New York City, NY
B.B. Kings Blues Club and Grill
Wed, Jun. 5, 2013
Victoria, BC
U of V

Tue, Jun. 4, 2013
Victoria, BC
U of V

Sat, Jun. 1, 2013
Edmonton, AB
Dreamspeakers concert

Fri, May. 31, 2013
Edmonton, AB

Tue, Mar. 26, 2013
Regina, Saskatchewan
First Nations University

Sun, Mar. 24, 2013
Norman, OK
Andrews Park Amphitheater

Fri, Mar. 22, 2013
Chico, CA
CSU-Chico, Laxson Auditorium

Thu, Mar. 14, 2013
New York, NY
National Museum of the American Indian

For more information, please call: (204) 988-1120 Paquin Entertainment 468 Stradbrook Avenue, Winnipeg, MB. R3L 0J9 Fax: (204) 988-1135


Clive Kavan said...

When will you be coming to England?

Anonymous said...

I wish Buffy could include Ellsworth,Me in the tour.. It's much closer to the Mi'kmaq,Penobscot and Passamquaddy Peoples as well as WERU radio which I'm sure would love to interview her..

Anonymous said...

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HeatherFeather said...

Blessings in your travels!

Unknown said...

why isn't there a montreal or quebec show? :(

Saskia said...

Hey Buffy, don't forget AUSTRALIA :-)

Saskia Cornell

Anonymous said...

Buffy...why not the uk?
Very sad :(

Anonymous said...

oops! took my eye off the schedule and missed your recent Maine concert stop. Question: Buffy, was that your first concert in Maine? an earlier anonymous commenter mentioned Ellsworth Maine. Buffy I hope that you can make it to The Grand in Ellsworth someday soon. One time I was at an outdoor concert at Lincoln Center in NYC, Buffy Sainte-Marie came out to sing and sang a few songs then while talking between songs she introduced Odetta who was in the audience that night.......Wife and I saw Odetta live at The Grand in Ellsworth Maine, it was an early March night, snow falling, I was so happy that despite the snowstorm most every seat in the auditorium was filled.....Odetta plucked her guitar and told stories as she sang..........yeah Buffy, if Odetta could do it, you can do it, I pray you make your way to The Grand in Ellsworth Maine someday soon.

Anonymous said...

Atlanta, Georgia! Please :)

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking Nelson Bc :)

Anonymous said...

Southwest Michigan would welcome you! Hope to be able to see a concert or a talk in the near future! Thank you!

Claudio Carbone said...

I would like to come in Italy