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Buffy Sainte-Marie: "We are circling, circling together; we are singing, singing from our heart; this is community...."

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“This is how it is in Indian country this time of year,” veteran singer-songwriter Buffy St. Marie related with a huge smile to her fans regarding the inspiration for her third song, “We Are Circling.” "Pow wows, good things to eat and good music. We got it all! ”

During St.-Marie’s 14 song set, in which she alternated between an unusual looking electric guitar and electric keyboard, she was backed all the time by a “hungry” young all aboriginal band from (or around) Manitoba, Canada. The trio was led by the heavily muscled (and heavily tattooed) guitarist Jesse Green (also a t.v. producer, writer and director) and also featured bassist Larry Constant and drummer Michael Bruyere.

The concert also featured the new song “No No Keshagesh” (literal translation “greedy guts” named for her puppy, but really about “environmental greed,”). Another new number performed was “Blue Sunday,” which St. Marie calls her tribute to “rockabilly radio,” which she he first heard at 13, and exposed her to such early pioneers as Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, and Lonnie Donnegan.

Of course her anthemic “Univeral Soldier” (a minor 1965 hit for British music star Donovan) was included. St.-Marie also told the crowd how President Lydon Johnson had allegedly curtailed her career by having her blacklisted from American radio stations for her public anti-Vietnam proclamations.
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VIDEO Buffy Sainte Marie -- We Are Circling


Anonymous said...

Beautiful... Richie was a great soul... Happy Canada Day from North Vancouver . Mike Skellenger

soccermom said...

I was first time seeing Buffy live...after being a fan for over 40 was a wonderful night!

Anonymous said...

I love this....

Anna Kay Ward said...

Looks so great in that blue jacket