Sunday, 11 September 2011

Moratorium : Video-Lyrics

Buffy Sainte-Marie "Moratorium" Lyrics
From Album "She Used To Wanna Be a Ballerina"

Captain Carter came home
he'd been fighting the war
and i guessed he thought he'd
return as a hero and more
And he walked down the street
Saw the old home town
and he saw how it is around HERE now
well captain carter had to call
far too many girls
for a date that night
see, all the girls had gone out
with all their long-haird boys...
Captain carter he cried,
"...well what the HELL have i been fighting for?!"
Oh, soldier, it's for you
We wanna bring you home
We wanna hold you in our arms
come back, and keep us warm!
He had seen many stine
had been drafted and gone
he'd been told that only cowards
would say, "no!"
He came home and called
some old friends
they resisted the draft
and they both were in prision
and their wives and their kids
were all skinny and havin' a bath time!
And PFC stine... he remembered the men
called political prisoners
You know where and when
And he learned that the lines
are tapped all the time, now
and he's wondering if maybe
his bravery's needed at HOME now!
Yes, soldier, we're afraid
We're not just bein' fools
We're gased and beatin... here at HOME!
We've got to change the rules!
Carter thomas Mchan
as a three-year marine
someone told him he better join up
it would make him a man
he came home and to the park he went
and he sat down on a bench
and a gumbery girl told him,
He'd been a man all along
and he looked at the sign...
that she carried in her hand...
It said, "FUCK the war and bring our brothers home!!!"
And Carter Mchan, he looks
into her eyes...
and i beleive that he's
begun to understand now
Oh, soldier, it's for you
we wanna bring you home
we need you to support us HERE
come back and lend an arm
Hey, bring our brothers home
Hey, bring our brothers home
Hey, bring our brothers HOME!!
Hey, bring our brothers HOME!!
Hey, bring our brothers home...

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