Thursday, 15 September 2011

Nominate your favourite artist for a GG's Performing Arts Award

Canadians are being encouraged to nominated their favourite homegrown performing artists for the Governor General's Performing Arts Awards (GGPAA).

The awards are presented for lifetime artistic achievement in all branches of performing arts, including broadcasting, classical music, dance, film, popular music and theatre.

All nominations will be reviewed by a jury of experts in each discipline, who will make recommendations of the top candidates to the GGPAA board of directors. The laureates will be announced in the spring.

The six chosen for lifetime artistic achievement, and one for the Ramon John Hnatyshyn Award for Voluntarism in the Performing Arts, will receive their awards in Ottawa in May 2012.

Past recipients include Bryan Adams, Robert Lepage, Karen Kain, William Shatner, and Buffy Sainte-Marie.

Nominations can be made by submitting a letter of support and a short biography of the artist online at until Sept. 23.

How do I make a nomination?

A complete nomination must be submitted to the Foundation on or before the deadline by mail, email or fax. If submitting your nomination by email, please forward all required documents as attachments with your cover message by the deadline date.

A complete nomination package consists of three parts:

1. The nomination form. You must fully complete the proper nomination form and include it in your package. If you do not have the phone number for the nominee, please leave the line blank. The nomination form also includes a declaration confirming that both the nominator and nominee meet the eligibility criteria and that the information contained in the nomination form is accurate.

2. The supporting letter. This is a very important document. A well-written, impassioned letter (maximum two pages) outlining the merits of the work of the artist or volunteer, their contribution to Canada and the effect they have had on you personally can be very influential during consideration. Sample letter.

3. The biography. The biography should touch on the greatest highlights of the artist's or volunteer's career, their awards and accolades. Sample biography.


Nomination Form for Lifetime Artistic Achievement Awards
Nomination Form for Ramon John Hnatyshyn Awards

Please print the appropriate nomination form and submit it to the Foundation office by mail, email or fax by the deadline date. If submitting your nomination by email, please forward all required documents as attachments with your cover message.

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Anonymous said...

I vote for Buffy Sante-Marie as I heard her the first time in the film Soldier Blue.What A wonderfull Lady.Met her in pearson years back in a consert.She will allways be my May